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The “Spitzenkandidaten” in the media: did they make a difference this time?

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This is a post on Spitzenkandidaten by Dr Katjana Gattermann. The text was originally published in the edited volume Euroflections. Leading academics on the European elections 2019, a free downloadable report with results, analyses and reflections on the election to the European Parliament 2019. More than 70 researchers from all over Europe participate in the […]

Theresa May, the Paradoxical Prime Minister

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Theresa May has resigned.  Expecting terrible results for the Conservative Party in the European Parliament elections (expectations that have not only been met, but surpassed), having greatly upset her backbenchers by negotiating (unsuccessfully) with Labour to get the Withdrawal Agreement approved by Parliament, and then when that failed attempting to bring it forward as the […]

Communicating Europe: Who Speaks, and Why?

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What is Communicating Europe? Communicating Europe really started as an idea, or rather a reflection, after watching the BBC Great Debate in June 2016 between representatives of different UK-based political parties regarding whether to leave the EU, or to stay inside and make it stronger.  The reflection I had at the time was that, for […]

Hello world!

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